Saturday, March 5, 2011

I made it out alive! (barely)

So, Whitney came home yesterday afternoon from her weekend in Washington, D.C.  Yay!

WillWill and I had a very nice week, but it was much more hectic than I would have thought.  Every morning, except Friday, Will woke up earlier than normal and we made breakfast.  Then began the whirlwind of making his lunch, getting him dressed, getting me dressed and getting everybody out the door.  While I was successful every morning, it sure made me need an extra cup of coffee by 9 am!  In the evening, after softball, I would pick WillWill up and then immediately head to dinner.  He would usually crash in the middle of dinner and we would head upstairs for jammies and stories.  I would then collapse in exhaustion on the couch.

At first, I was not surprised by how little energy I had to spare, single-parenting is tough stuff!  But then, as my body and mind quieted a little more, I realized that my body in fact was rebelling.  By Thursday, I woke up and felt like I had been hit by a truck and my throat was the victim of some terrible slasher movie. It only worsened that night, when I awoke in the middle of the night with a low-grade fever.  (Of course, unfairly, one of my first thoughts was that of course I would get sick while Whitney was out of town!)  A couple tylenol and several hours later, I woke on Friday feeling almost as good as new.  Or so I thought. . .

As the morning hours on Friday slowly crept by, I felt worse and worse and worse.  In fact, I called the doctor.  I was pretty sure that the kidd-o's possible manifestation of strep throat had indeed become a full manifestation of strep throat in MY throat.  After the 10 minute trip to the doc's (literally), it was confirmed.  I went to the pharmacy to pick up my anti-biotics and the pharmacist was worried that it was for Will, but I assured it was not.  When I came from the pharmacy, there was my wonderful wife just having returned!  Yay!

Saved by Whitney!  The moral of the story is that single-parenting is fun and hard.  Will and I were able to feast on such great meals as mac & cheesy; sour cream banana chocolate chip pancakes slathered with peanut butter and goldfish for breakfast.  Despite the awesomeness of our time together, I must not forget that eventually, he brought me down with his dreaded little toddler germs.

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