Sunday, March 20, 2011

What an ending!

As Spring Break winds down this evening, I thought I would reflect back on what a wonderful day Whitney and I had today.  A favorite local restaurant of ours, The Whip, has been serving brunch for several months and I have been dying to go.  In fact, for those past several months I have been dropping hints to Whitney about how much I would like to go there.  Well, today she took me!  It was such a nice grand finale to what has been a nice break.

Auntie Deb graciously took Will after Meeting for Worship this morning and Whitney and I headed out.  Driving through Chester County horse country on such a beautiful day, I think both of us were in a bit of shock at all the time we were about to spend together without our son.

Now, parking at The Whip is tight, to put it mildly; but my parking karma helped us out and just as we pulled up a parking spot became available right in front!  Anticipating a long wait, we took the Sunday New York Times with us.  However, because we were such a small party we barely finished the sections we started before we were seated.  Now for those of you who have not experienced The Whip, one of the best things is its wonderful selection of beer.  I was excited because there was a beer that they listed on their facebook page which I had the opportunity to try.  It was a coffee infused stout and was delicious!  For an appetizer we had the Welsh Rarebit, a favorite of Whitney's.  For the main course, I ordered the Smoked Salmon Bubble & Squeak (a potato pancake, filled with sauteed leeks and cabbage, topped with Scottish smoked salmon and a sunny side up egg) and Whitney ordered the Eggs Benedict.

Our food arrived, at least mine arrived as well as another dish that looked nothing like Eggs Benedict.  After gently questioning the server, it turned out that instead of putting in Eggs Benedict she entered in the regular Bubble & Squeak.  So she left us the Bubble & Squeak and put in Whit's Eggs Benedict.  When the Eggs Benedict came, we enjoyed our wonderful breakfast.  The Eggs Benedict were quite possibly the best Eggs Benedict either Whitney or I have ever had.  The wonderful meal and date ended with the requisite and divine Sticky Toffee Pudding.  It was a wonderful way to end break.

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  1. Sounds like a heavenly meal and a lovely day. The Whip is the coolest place, Russ and I enjoyed our visit there - upon your recommendation.