Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Break

Well, we are half-way through Spring Break and I thought I would post a little update about our adventures.  Although, I suppose I should really say I will post about Will and Whitney's adventures since I spent all of last week sleeping.

Last Thursday Southeastern Pennsylvania was inundated with a major rainstorm but by Friday morning the sun was shining.  Whitney took Will to meet up with some friends at Longwood Gardens.  This was a brilliant plan, in theory.  Unfortunately, in reality, all roads leading to Longwood were underwater and thus the trip was changed to a morning at the helicopter museum.  On the way to the helicopter museum, Whitney passed the "new" YMCA.  It has been there for a couple years, but we have never seen it.  She was instantly enamored with the mini-water park it has for its outdoor pool.

That evening, after I spent all day sleeping, the whole family ventured out to a friends house to eat pizza and play let our children run around like the wild animals they are.  It was great.  They had a Wii and Lego Star Wars, what more could I ask for?  Well, little did I know that their 5 year old is an insane Wii player!  I was laughing so hard watching him shake his body all over the floor of their living room that I could barely play.  He kicked my butt at the sword-fight Wii game, but only because when someone goes that crazy with the Wii remote there is no defense.  His Dad described it aptly as General Grievous with all four arms out and spinning four lightsabers.  What the!!!???   Needless to say, the evening left Will and I exhausted.  I'm pretty sure we both fell asleep on the ride home.

Moving right along, Sunday night we went to dinner at Ruby's Diner.  Nothing super-exciting but Whitney and I did have a conversation that I cannot believe we actually had.  So, Will has this book Sheep in Jeep.  It's all cute and rhyming, making it pretty easy to memorize.  I start reciting it (oh yes, I am at that level of parenthood), Whitney then corrects me.  At this point, we then begin debating for several minutes the correct version of the book.  Does the line, "Oh dear!  The driver Sheep forgets to steer!" really come that early on?  After laughing at our own insanity, we look for a new toy in the diaper for Will and what do we pull out?  Oh yes, Sheep in Jeep.

In other news, I'm still working on getting a video of Will and his "nnniiiiiiiiiiiiccccccccceeeee" touches. The fact that we have a new and working camera should speed things along.

And now back to the Y.  This morning we took a tour and were both completely enamored.  The cardio machines, the basketball courts, the (indoor) kiddie pool, the spinning room, oh my!  And I forgot to mention the free 2-hours of child-care per day while you workout!  I'm getting worn down.  I see a Y membership in the near future.  . . .

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