Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Legend Continues to Grow. . .

It was not even a week ago that I posted the picture of Will's enormous foot and already there is more to add regarding his feet.  With Easter coming, Whitney and I knew that Will needed a pair of brown shoes since he only had a pair of sneakers.  Since I was at King of Prussia on Saturday, I went to buy him a pair. I found him the most adorable pair of light brown topsiders!  It was so excited.  I bought a size 7 1/2 because that was the current size of his sneakers.

The next morning, Whitney and I attempted to put the shoes on Will's feet.  After a mini-wrestling match, we were successful.  But shoes aren't supposed to be that difficult to put on.  Despite how ridiculously cute they were, it looked like we were going to have to return them.

Tuesday morning Will and I trekked up to KOP for our adventure in returning and/or exchanging the topsiders.  We first went to Nordstrom's to see what its selection of brown shoes looked like.  Of course all Will cared about were the balloons.  The saleswoman was very friendly and offered to measure his foot.  I thought - "Heck, why not!?"  Rookie parent naivete:  I didn't think his foot grown much in the last 2 months.  Oh how wrong I was!!  The punk's foot is now a size 8!  That is bigger than a 3 year old we know!  And other 3 year olds at his daycare currently wear a 9!

Now his foot may have measured a size 8, but since it is going to keep growing (apparently forever) we needed to buy an 8 1/2.  Hmmm. . . the sneakers he was currently wearing were a 7 1/2 .  Yup, that meant unexpected purchase of some new sneaks.

Unfortunately, Nordy's did not have any brown shoes in the bigfoot's size, so we went back to Stride Rite to exchange the topsiders.  Luckily, they did come in an 8 1/2 and were in stock.  We slipped those shoes right on without a fuss!  Yay!!  Success!

An hour later, we were back in the car with TWO new pairs of shoes and a happy little punk with a blue balloon.

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