Friday, March 25, 2011

Sasquatch Spotted in Southeastern PA!

As you all know, Will is quite the big kid.  He has been since the day he was born and it has not stopped.  At least he is proportional, still in the 90th (or so) percentile for weight and height.  Perhaps even more surprising is the fact that he can fit into 3T clothing and the 4T Packers sweatshirt from Grandad and Gaia doesn't look *that* big on him.  Scary stuff!

When Will was born, like any baby, he had his footprint taken.  Well, his feet were already so big that his footprint barely fit on the piece of paper.  I mean his toes were practically off the edge of the top and his heel was practically off the edge at the bottom.  And in 20 1/2 months, not much has changed.  While he was at Oak Lane this week the teachers took the footprints of the kids in his class (infant - young toddler).  Will is not the oldest kid in the class, but he is by far the biggest (surprising, I know).  Here is a picture of of the footprints, see if you can spot your favorite toddler's?

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  1. this is a fantastic photo! em's foot is going to be right up there with will (+ she's considered WIDE), making cute shoes a heck of a challenge to find. loving your stories!