Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Belated Christmas Post

This year was a quiet Christmas for the Suttells.  It was just Will, Whitney and myself.  Well, and the new baby!!  Whitney is 16 1/2 weeks pregnant!  The Little Sprout is due in June!  I will post updates periodically.

Okay, so back to Christmas.  It was really nice to be just the three of us, although we missed being surrounded by our extended families.  We went to Christmas Eve Meeting for Worship.  We were very excited to read a passage during Meeting.  Will was champ through most of the service, and he looked adorable in the outfit Nana made for him!

And (finally) a family photo:

As mentioned in my last post, Will picked out our tree.  Here is a picture of the decorated tree:

And after Santa came. . .

Will was excited about Christmas this year, but took his time getting through all the presents.

He particularly enjoyed the electric Thomas the Tank Engine train set from Grandpa Bill, Sam and Summer.  Here is a picture of me making sure it would work first thing in the morning:

And here is Will - clearly in love!

Later in the morning, he was delightfully serving up some wonderful apple pie, compliments of Nana:

He also enjoyed cuddling with his baby snow leopard - although the cat's were a little wary!

And let's not forget about the Santa picture!  Will liked the idea of Santa, but was a little wary of sitting on his lap.  So Mommy was invited to join!

Of course after Christmas, there was New Year's and an illness (bronchitis) for Will.  All are well now though!  Will is happily back into his routine with Oak Lane, Whitney and I have started back at school and basketball season is in full swing! 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 is Here!

Happy New Year!  I cannot believe that I have posted something in six months!  Ack!  My New Year's resolution?  Post at least once a week on this blog - we'll see how well I do with that.

There have been happenings in the last six months, so I'll briefly state them here.

Will is now officially two and he is very two!  Here are two pictures of him enjoying his Thomas the Tank Engine birthday cake:

We then trekked half-way across the globe - literally to visit my Dad, Sam and Summer.  While the views were breath-taking:

Will only wanted to play in Grandpa's Jeep:

It was a wonderful trip and Will still discusses how "Grandpa make a noise blowing up mine pool."  When we arrived home, my Mom and step-dad, Russ, came for a quick visit.  "Gaga" and "Grandad," as Will calls them were very fun to play with.  Gaga even made some of her famous homemade bubbles!

And then there was the Hurricane, and then school started.  It has been a busy busy school year!  Will has been doing great in his "Busy Bees" classroom at Oak Lane.  He brings home some artwork or craft almost daily.  Some days, he doesn't even want to come home!

Whitney has been doing a great job teaching three different classes and as the costumer for the theatre department.  I am working at the law firm in the morning, teaching a class and coaching.  In the fall, coached JV Field Hockey, now it's JV basketball and in the spring it will be Softball.  Craziness!  But I love it!

Here are pictures from our Christmas adventures:

Will picked out our tree this year.

And enjoyed the Advent calendar that Auntie Ashley made last year!

This is WillWill at his holiday show at school.  He and best buddy, Max, freaked out and insisted their Mommies join them down front!  (They are the only boys in the class.)

Will helping Mama decorate the Christmas tree.

And enjoying the fabulous toys at Grandma Doris' house during her Christmas party.

Actual Christmas day pictures will follow in the next post!