Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Belated Christmas Post

This year was a quiet Christmas for the Suttells.  It was just Will, Whitney and myself.  Well, and the new baby!!  Whitney is 16 1/2 weeks pregnant!  The Little Sprout is due in June!  I will post updates periodically.

Okay, so back to Christmas.  It was really nice to be just the three of us, although we missed being surrounded by our extended families.  We went to Christmas Eve Meeting for Worship.  We were very excited to read a passage during Meeting.  Will was champ through most of the service, and he looked adorable in the outfit Nana made for him!

And (finally) a family photo:

As mentioned in my last post, Will picked out our tree.  Here is a picture of the decorated tree:

And after Santa came. . .

Will was excited about Christmas this year, but took his time getting through all the presents.

He particularly enjoyed the electric Thomas the Tank Engine train set from Grandpa Bill, Sam and Summer.  Here is a picture of me making sure it would work first thing in the morning:

And here is Will - clearly in love!

Later in the morning, he was delightfully serving up some wonderful apple pie, compliments of Nana:

He also enjoyed cuddling with his baby snow leopard - although the cat's were a little wary!

And let's not forget about the Santa picture!  Will liked the idea of Santa, but was a little wary of sitting on his lap.  So Mommy was invited to join!

Of course after Christmas, there was New Year's and an illness (bronchitis) for Will.  All are well now though!  Will is happily back into his routine with Oak Lane, Whitney and I have started back at school and basketball season is in full swing! 

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