Saturday, March 31, 2012

Goodbye New Year's Resolution!

Well, I know it has been an extraordinarily long time since I posted.  I (obviously) did not keep my New Year's Resolution of posting once a week.  Oh well!  It has a busy 2012 so far!

After reading my last post, Whitney remarked that I did not share perhaps the biggest news concerning our family:  Whitney is pregnant!  She is due June 24th and we found out that we are having another boy!  We are both extremely excited and Will talks about his little brother all the time.  He enjoys kissing Mama's tummy before bed.  It's really cute - I will some pictures of Whitney up here soon!

Will is continuing to grow and provide lots of entertainment.  Although, with the growth comes even more energy!

My Mom and stepdad, Russ, recently visited us and Will had a fantastic time!  He continues to ask where "Gaga and Grandad" are!

More posts to follow!

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