Saturday, March 31, 2012

Just Trying to Help

On Friday mornings, Will and I take our time getting ready.  I don't work and so we have a lazy morning and I try to get him to Oak Lane by 9:00 so he can participate in Morning Meeting.  Yesterday was a great example.  We got up, watched a bit of Thomas the Tank Engine and moved into the kitchen for breakfast.  One of Will's favorite breakfast items is an Eggo waffle with "Mama's stuff" (Nutella) on it.  When I asked him what he wanted to drink, he very clearly said "Airplane juice!"  (Pineapple juice which he had for the first time on an airplane).  I put a straw in the airplane juice and he happily ate is breakfast while I prepared his lunch.

It had only been a few minutes and he accidentally knocked over the juice and it spilled on the floor.  I quickly grabbed the paper towels and put them down on the spill.  While the paper towels were soaking up the airplane juice, I took the opportunity to put Will's lunch out by the front door.  When I got back to the kitchen, there was Will looking very proud, with Nutella smudged all over his top lip, and about fifteen sheets of paper towels stretched across the kitchen floor, from the counter to the spill.  Before I could even really register what happened, he looked up, and, very sincerely, stated, "I clean up mine mess, Mommy.  I do it."  All I could do was smile, give him a big hug and attempt to salvage some of the paper towels.  Yup, he did it!

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