Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Morning at Longwood

The answer is yes, Will indeed still has an ear infection.  We are now going on round 3 of antibiotics, and this is just for the month of February.  Poor dude.  But, thanks to a great idea by my wonderful wife, Will is getting better at taking his medicine.  The video posted on facebook by cousins helped too.

Anyway, today has been a really nice day.  Will and I made sour cream and banana pancakes, to which I added chocolate chips and then slathered with peanut butter.  They were a big hit!  (And it's a good thing Whitney wasn't here because she would not have liked them!)  After the big and filling breakfast, Will and I headed out to Longwood Gardens.  The skies were nice and blue and it wasn't too chilly.

Will had quite the time playing in the children's garden.  It's neat how much he loves water!  He kept trying to climb in the fountains!  He ran around the fountains, played with some musical instruments and got thoroughly soaked!  After a quick change of clothes, he got to lounge in the stroller with some crackers and look at the beautiful orchids.  We also went through the rainforest room, the banana room, and then (Mommy's favorite) the roses.  I took Will out of the stroller so he could smell the roses, then he pulled one apart!  So back into the stroller he went.

It should be noted that the entire morning, he kept asking for his Mama.

All in all, I think we had quite the successful Sunday morning!

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