Friday, February 25, 2011

The Fever Strikes Back!

Life was going on quite well for the last couple days. . . until this morning.  Will was way clingy-er than normal towards me.  He would not let me out of his arm's reach.  And he felt very warm.  I first thought it was just our apartment, then I realized that it felt more like (dun dun dun) a fever.  Since he just finished battling an ear infection, I took him temperature.  Yup, he has a fever.

Then, I asked him if had an owie somewhere.  He tugged on his ear.  Ugh.  Another trip to the pediatrician's is scheduled for this afternoon.  While I know I am being a responsible parent, there is a little voice in my head that says, "Really, Brit?  Another trip to the pediatrician's?"  

On the bright side, he seemed much happier while wearing his Thomas the Tank Engine rain boots that our friend, Kate, bought him.  Hopefully, he will also be happier after having a morning nap - something he doesn't do these days.  I guess that's another sign that he's not feeling up to snuff; he woke up around 7:20 this morning and was tired enough for a nap less than 3 hours later.  Poor dude.

So, we will be off to the pediatrician's office this afternoon.  I'm hoping we can find time for Whitney to get a pair of jeans before she leaves for Washington, D.C. - TOMORROW!!  Ack!  That really snuck up on me.

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