Monday, June 10, 2013

Of Poop and Ponies

We've all had those parenting days where it seems that one thing after another just doesn't go our way.  Well, tonight my wife had one of those nights.  After a difficult end of school year, the first Monday after the students moved out was not an auspicious beginning to her summer.

H needed a bath tonight and since I was cooking dinner (Lemon Chicken Breasts with Roasted Asparagus!) she was giving him one.  While pulling dinner out of the oven, I hear a frantic "Brit!  Brit!" coming from the bathroom.  As I ran into the bathroom, I tried to fool myself into thinking I had no idea what awaited me.  Oh but I did.  I have heard that frantic tone before during bathroom and it could only mean one thing:  poop.  Yep.  That's right.  My poor wife hardly knew what to do.

Now WW pooped in the tub many times by the time he was H's age, but alas, I think this may have been one of the first times for H.  But H didn't just poop in the tub, he then attempted to play with it.  When W scooped him up out of the tub he then promptly contaminated her Drink with it.  How dare he!?  Well, H was removed from the situation and I proceeded to decontaminate the bathroom.  Sadly, the Drink did not make it.

After dealing with that incident, W offered to get WW into his jammies.  He was thrilled by her offer of leap-frogging into the bathroom and gleefully proceeded to get down on the floor so she could leap frog over him.  But, alas, tonight was just not my wife's night.  After about 2 leap frogs over WW, her knee unfortunately (and ever so slightly) brushed against the back of WW's head.  Well, for any tired and worn-out 3 year old that is quite an event.  WW immediately jumped into my lap and tearily asked if I could put on his jammies.  How could I refuse?

As he started to calm down and, but still in between sobs, he asked if I could give him a pony-ride.  Of course!  So off we rode into the bathroom. . .

While W may not have had the best of nights with our boys, we've all been there; where no matter what we do just doesn't work and we have to rely on our spouse.

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