Friday, May 6, 2011

The Legend Continues to Grow. . . (Part 2)

Will needs tubes.  That is the first part of today's story.  He had many ear infections over the past 12 months, including one that has been lingering since February.  Not so much fun.  On Monday, our pediatrician referred us to an ENT doctor down at A. I. DuPont.  We saw him yesterday.  He basically confirmed what we already knew was coming:  Will needs tubes.  We scheduled surgery for next Thursday, May 12th (Happy 5th Anniversary Mamas!).  

While that was important news to get out of the way, let's turn to the real topic:  The size of the punk.  As with every visit to DuPont, Will was weighed and measured.  He weighs in at just over 34 lbs.  This wasn't so surprising since he has been right around this weight for sometime.  What was more surprising is that this kid can grow vertically at an amazing pace.  Let's reflect. . . 

On March 9th he was 34 1/8 inches.

Yesterday, May 5th he was 3 ft even.  Seriously!  People keep saying that he will slow down, but it really hasn't happened yet.  So yes, the legend of Bigfoot Will continues to grow. . 

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  1. good luck with the tubes -- i had them when i was little and it made an amazing difference! hope all goes well!