Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Belated Easter Post

How did this happen?  It's already May!  Time has been going by much too quickly lately and everyone in our house seems to be extremely busy.

I interviewed for a sabbatical replacement position here at Westtown, but did not get the position.  I remain hopeful that there will be an extra class that I can teach though.  We'll see. . . My mantra these days has been "way opens!"  I've been spending my afternoons as the assistant coach of the Varsity Softball team.  We've had a middling season, but the girls are great.  They are all very positive this year and definitely a more cohesive unit than we had last year.

Whitney has been busy with costuming for the Senior Play.  It's the final play of the year and will be finished this weekend.  I'm very excited to see it.

Now, for the one you've all been waiting for - Will!

He's doing great!  Everyday his vocabulary is getting bigger and bigger.  Some new favorite words/phrases include:  "Bus"; "uh-oh", "uh-huh", and his all-time favorite word "more!"

He remains a giant in his class over at Oak Lane, but he is a gentle giant.  He has many great buddies at school and hardly looks back when either Whitney or I drop him off!

The family enjoyed a "pre-season" Easter Egg hunt with our friends who have two kids, Kaleb (4) and Vivian who is just 2 weeks older than Will.  Here are some pictures:

Easter was very nice and unexpectedly warm.  Will was very enamored with the M&M's the Easter Bunny left, as well as the Star Wars cookies Mommy got.  After that, we went on the annual Westtown Easter Egg hunt.  It had rained quite a bit the night before, so he was well-equipped with his Thomas the Tank Engine rainboots.

Here is a picture of Will and his Nana off on the search!

Found one!

But perhaps the best part of the morning was getting to play with the mini-John Deere tractor!  (Note:  For any grandparents that may be reading, the below would make a great birthday present for Will.  And besides, how cute is he on this!)

After the Egg Hunt, we went to Meeting for Worship.  This is another one of Will's favorite activities and every morning he says, "Meeting?"  (Only it really comes out more like, "Meeming?")  Will looked positively adorable in the gorgeous outfit this his wonderful Nana made him.  The Mommies were thrilled! After Meeting we stumbled upon even more Easter Eggs!

Next on the family agenda is Mother's Day!

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  1. I so enjoy these posts. I miss being so far away...
    Looking forward to your Mother's Day post. Love you all. x Gaia