Monday, June 20, 2011

Beach - Day 1

Our first full day at the beach also happened to be Father's Day.  It was very nice that Brad was able to be here at the beach with his two kids.  What I enjoyed about it, was Brad took me for a nice spin in his Bahama Yellow 1968 Porsche 911 that he fully restored himself.  It was awesome!  Everytime I spend some time with Brad, I always wish that I knew more about cars.  Anyway, Brad and I went out for a nice spin, got a couple beers and some shrimp.  It was a good day for us to spend Father's Day!  (I've decided that while Mother's Day is nice, I tend to like the idea around Father's Day, it's just a little more my style!)

Of course, before my afternoon outing, we spent the morning on the beach.  Will was fearless (but we knew that!).  He headed straight for the water and plunged right in!  Walking all the way up to his chest!  Unfortunately, his feelings toward the water cooled a little after a wave knocked him off his balance.  But he happily played in the sand!  It was quite a nice morning!

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